What our members say....

"First session back this morning after having more than a year off to have my little boy.

The 9.30 class with Abi was brilliant. She totally understood that I might need to scale things back a bit to ease myself back in, but she have me loads of encouragement the whole time and made sure I pushed myself. I also took my little boy with me (he's 6 months old) so he could sit and watch. It's the perfect way for busy mums to get their workout in without having to try and find someone to look after the little one.

I also used to do the evening classes and can't speak highly enough of all the trainers and everyone who comes along. It's like a little family, everyone cheering each other on. I'm really glad to be back and am looking forward to continuing on my fitness journey with faber."

Meghan Tiplady

"I was lucky enough to spend a month training at CrossFit Faber whilst I working away from home. From the very first drop in I got a very warm welcome from ciaran and all his coaching staff and was made feel at home straight away. The other big thing for me while I was there was the standard of the coaching itself , from the gymnastics to the skills to the barbell coaching , the best I’ve experienced personally. The community at Faber we’re also all fantastic with me as a stranger witch speaks for itself unfortunately I didn’t get to thank them for there kindness but if I’m ever back in the area il for sure call in to Faber. Good luck guys I hope yous all smash the open."

Henry Watson

Running and the gym were always my ‘thing’ and although I was fairly fit, no matter how hard I tried, I never quite got that ‘toned’ look I was after…..and that was when I stumbled across Crossfit. I didn’t tell my mates I was going on the foundation course, as to be honest I wasn’t sure if I would be fit enough. I had nothing to worry about, Crossfit is for everyone - it’s challenging, takes patience and consistency but it gives you real results and shed loads more body confidence. I haven’t lost weight, what I have done is made gains in all the right places and am stronger now than I have ever been. At my local gym no one really speaks to you, at Faber I have found true mates who share in your progress and help motivate you all the way regardless of your fitness level. Crossfit Faber is a community of people of all abilities, all you have to do is put your foot in the door!

Tracie Loach Dunn

Visiting for a show on the Park and of the local gyms I tried this place stood out a mile. Excellent equipment and very personable staff - totally recommend it if you’re in the area and want to work/play hard!

Adam 'Mac' MacKay

Visiting my hometown Coventry for two weeks from Seattle, USA. I needed a CrossFit box to do some classes and my first two workouts of the 2018 CrossFit Games. Glad I found Faber was close by and the facility and people were excellent. Thanks Abi and Nick!

Gene Conroy-Jones

Trained for a year at Faber. All the coaches are really approachable and knowledgeable. Matt is super patient and the enthusiasm Ciaran maintains day after day means you have no excuse to miss a session.

If you’re thinking of joining - get down to a Saturday session, even just to watch at first. Its usually a team wod, 45mins of death but you can get a coffee after.You don't need to be fit to start, I’d never done it before and was quickly turning up 4 times a week. Whatever fitness you have it’ll fairly regularly make you want to puke but you’ll see improvement and that will keep you coming back. I’m at a different box now but I’d still be at Faber if it was a little closer to home.

Phil Wood

The Guys and Girls at Faber were welcoming, friendly and supportive from as soon as I stepped into the building. So much so that Faber quickly became a very important part of my life and helped me enjoy exercising again and feel better about myself and what I am capable of. The coaching staff are extremely knowledgable, patient and encouraging. They are always researching new methods also and test anything new on themselves before incorporating it into classes. As well as providing a great social atmosphere Faber can also stimulate your competitive side providing numerous opportunities to test yourself against the best talent near and far.

All you have to do is turn up and Ciaran & Co will do the rest. You won't regret it!

Aaron Mason

Couldn't recommend it enough! Everyone is really helpful and motivating and will take the time to help you.

Megan Whittle

Joined this place 2 years ago where it was fairly new. The box has grown, the friends I have made are irreplaceable. Every time I go to Crossfit Faber it makes me want to give it my all.

My transformation after one year was life changing. Now I just need to get my butt back down there as soon as my little ones grow up a bit more.

Come down and visit us. All are welcome.

Matt Evans

I'm new to crossfit and I have been doing the skills classes for just over a month now and enjoying every session.
Was nervous about joining on my own, but was welcomed by Ciaran on the first session and not looked back.
Monday is now my favourite day of the week and with Ciaran and Jack teaching the classes you have a good laugh as well as learning. I'm looking forward to getting in to my first WOD.
Best decision I've made in 2017 was joining, wish I had joined sooner.

Jon Byrne