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Community is a staple in our fitness philosophy at Faber Fitness. Taking part in group training has many advantages to help you on your fitness journey.
Our members enjoy annual inhouse competitions, socials, BBQ’s, bootcamps, and much more!


You will make friends that will hold you accountable to turning up to training. You will have a top-tier coach to ensure you are moving safely and correctly, and you will have an environment that pushes you to achieve more than you could alone. Our engaging and dynamic classes will keep you motivated and aid in your fitness journey.

We offer outstanding service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their overall quality of life.

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let's talk membership.

Unless you have prior CrossFit experience, we advice new members to join our Faber Fitness membership, this includes all Faber Fitness classes and Gymnastics. These are CrossFit classes, but we have taken out the complex movements.

A minimum of one month on the membership, plus completion of our 2hr CrossFit Foundation Course is advised before upgrading to CrossFit Faber membership.

For further details please ask a member of our team.

3 free workouts, on us.


(workout of the day)

WOD stands for “Workout of the Day” and is your daily dose of exercise, programmed specifically by the experienced Faber coaches, the WODs incorporate a mixture of weight lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (cardio work).

Our Workout of the Day classes run from 30 - 60 min, from start to finish. They include a group warm up, stretching and mobility, lift instruction, skill development, and the WOD. Classes are instructor led and the environment is peer-driven. This atmosphere provides an unparalleled experience, our members benefit from the expertise and experience of our highly qualified and talented coaches, while the element of individual and group competition creates and fuels an hour of power.

The prescribed routine is generally 3 days on with one day off. Understanding that this cannot fit into most lifestyles we would recommend at least 3 times per week and where possible 4.

At the 'box', records and achievements are not everything, but seeing progression over a three month period is great. We suggest our members to record weight, set, rep and workout they do as a measuring stick from which to continually improve.

How can you expect to get stronger if you don’t know what weights you are lifting from one session to the next? And what a motivational tool it is when you see yourself knocking 2 minutes off of a particular workout time that you performed under exactly the same conditions perhaps only six week ago.

ps 'BOX' means (gym)



(Drive up to the Stoneleigh gates and tell them your going to the gym - the gates will rise!)

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